I Don’t Like The Beatles

It seems like an appropriate day to make this confession. “Confession” isn’t exactly right, as it implies that I’m a little disappointed in myself for this fact. Really, thought, I’m not embarassed to just come right out and say it. I don’t like The Beatles.

When I was younger and really wanted to get someone’s goat, I would compare The Beatles to the OC Supertones. If you’re unfamiliar with the Christian music scene, The Supertones were (I believe) the first “Christian ska” band and were modestly popular for a while because of it. If I really wanted to get someone going after telling them I didn’t like The Beatles, I would make some direct comparison of them to the Supertones, claiming that they were only as popular as they were because they were the first band doing what they did, and that there have been a lot of bands to come since to improve on their art. If I was lucky, the person I was talking with was also a Supertones fan, so I could goad them on in multiple veins at once.

Really, though, The Beatles were clearly talented. I can recognize that they did a lot for music, and inspired several generations of new musicians in the years since their last album. To me, though, it just all sounds pretty dated. Not in a good way, like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. Just old and tired.

Like the Supertones.