How to Blow Up Your Life: An Introduction

In the Spring of 2013—just short of two and a half years ago—January and I made a decision to make a pretty major change in our lives. All of the reasons that went into this decision are kind of complex and hard to explain fully, but we knew that for us this change was something important to us and something worth working hard to achieve. In the months and years since, we’ve been working tirelessly to make this particular dream a reality and today I’m pretty excited to share our plans with our friends and family.

On October 20, just under two months from now, we will be relocating Team Soell to the Czech Republic!

Photo by Erik Larson (

It’s a pretty big bomb, and I’m sure that those of you who take time to follow our adventures here have a lot of questions—probably more than are suitable for a single blog post—so I’m dusting off the keyboard and starting the first of our “How to Blow Up Your Life” series in an effort to answer all the big questions: Why are you moving? Why Prague? What are you going to do for work? Is Gus going with you? What’s going to happen to The Salt Mines? Do you need to learn Czech? We’ll cover it all! But as a simple introduction, I’m just excited that the pieces of the plan are finally far enough along that I can share this news with the people I care about.

Keep your eyes here over the next few weeks and all your questions will be answered. Of course, if you can’t wait and need answers right now I’m happy to fill you in. Just shoot me an email and I’ll get you caught up.

Na zdraví!