Beach bungalow

While the apartment we lived in last year during our stay in Venice was perfectly adequate and exactly what we expected, it was by no means “nice” — unless the word “nice” is used in the context of “Oh, it’s nice” along with a little shoulder shrug. But really, it was what it was: a sublet from another tenant, super cheap, and a block from the beach. We honestly had no room to complain, and we had an incredible time.

This year, we opted to spend a little more money and rent a place that’s a little more polished. While we’re a little further away from the beach (six blocks instead of one) and in a smaller place overall (a studio compared to last year’s one-bedroom), it’s a lot nicer in terms of eminities.


Last year, we had access to a second floor balcony that was shared with the whole building, but this year we have our own private fenced in porch. Off to the left, you can just see the large double-doors that open up to the patio, and Gus loves the fact that we leave them wide open all day so he’s free to wander in and out as he wants.  From about 10am on, you can usually find me sitting right over there at the table, working away on the laptop and enjoying the sun.  You can also make out the hot tub cover at the bottom of the picture, which is pretty fantastic.


What you see here is pretty much the rest of it. One half of the room acts as our “bedroom.” Which is really just a bed. The other half — our “living room / kitchen” — has a nice couch, desk for our inside work space, and a nice swiveling LCD tv that we can either point toward the couch or back toward the bed.


The back wall has a micro-kitchen with tiny, tiny appliances .  The doors that are currently on the right slide back and forth for access to the closets. Cooking in this kitchen is definitely an exercise in space conservation, but it handles everything we need it to.


Finally, the bathroom is very nice. Double sinks and a huge showers. Next to coffee, nothing wakes me up like a good shower so I was really happy to see that our shower situation was a little better this year.  I’ll seriously spend a good 20 minutes in there each morning… What? Don’t judge me.

So that’s really it. There is a shared washer and dryer outside, but apart from that I’ve covered all 400 square feet of Team Soell’s LA Headquarters. It looks tiny, but we try to get out of the house and enjoy the weather as much as we can, so it hasn’t really become an issue. Check back with us in a month and maybe we’ll be ready to get back to our two bedroom house, but for temporary lodging I think this place will do just fine.