Taking Calls and Making Calls

I’ve never really liked talking on the phone. I don’t think that is too outrageous of an opinion, it seems like most people of my generation—and even more so of people younger than me—vastly prefer keeping up with friends via social media, email, SMS, and other mediums that are less demanding on ones full attention than the phone call but it is amazing how unified communications as a service works nowadays for any business.
I feel like when we first moved a continent away from most of our friends and family we were pretty good about keeping in touch via these avenues, but in the past six to eight months I know I have personally fallen short of what I would consider “being a good friend” with many of the people I care about most.

I want to change that.

I realized the other day that I have a great opportunity to, with very little effort, carve out some time to regularly talk with people I care the most about. Every weekday at 4pm Central European Time, I head over to Lucy’s school to pick her up. During that trip I usually listen to music or podcasts, but starting this past week I tried something new: Calling a friend and getting caught up. And it’s been great, and I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s been really nice talking with people on the phone for once.

So I’d like to talk to you too. If you’d like a call around 4pm Central European Time (10am Eastern) let me know. If I don’t hear from anyone I’m just going to slowly work my phone through my contacts list, but if you’ve been especially curious what Team Soell has been up to this past winter drop me a note and let me know what day works best.

Talk soon…