The Cure for Sad

Confession time: We spent four of the five evenings the week after Thanksgiving sitting in bed, eating pizza and watching seasons 1-2 of Alias.  That fourth night we mixed it up by having frozen lasagna instead.  Winter has officially set in and the darkness is starting to take its toll on the Newbanks-Soell household.

Our hibernation technically started Thanksgiving week when January and I both came down with a wicked stomach virus.  We hosted about 25 friends and their collective 7 children at our house the Saturday before Thanksgiving and by the end of the night we had two containers of leftover turkey, a quart of stuffing, one pumpkin pie, and at least five confirmed sick adults.  The lesson we took away from this: if you’re going to have more than two kids over, make sure you leave antibacterial gel bottles everywhere.  And under no circumstances should you let all of them pile into your bed with their grubby little munchkin hands.

After we spent that first week quarantined in bed, retching and eating nothing but saltines and canned peaches (with the syrup rinsed off, of course) it just became second nature.  The fact that it’s pitch black outside by the time the working day is over doesn’t help much, either.  All of this combined adds up to one thing for me: Seasonal affective disorder, which can be conveniently abbreviated as SAD.  Well, this year Team Soell is fighting back against SAD.  How, you ask?

Team Soell is going to California!

Actually, I shouldn’t have wasted the bold type on that sentence.  The kicker in our California plan is that we will be spending the entire month of January living just steps from Venice Beach.  How close?

The long and the short of it is that January found someone who was looking to sublet their place for a month and we jumped at the opportunity.  January, Gus and I will hit the road just after New Year and spend the next thirty days living in the sunny mid-sixties climate of LA county rather than the sub-freezing temperatures of central Ohio. 

Check back over the next two weeks for the travel plans.  Since I’m sure we’ll have a lot more to write about, I plan to step up the blogging and I’m sure January will have some great pictures to share.