I have failed. Two days into NaBloPoMo — only one day after my blog post announcing my participation — and I’ve already blown it. 

I feel like these past few weeks have been one long string of failures. Our primal / paleo diet started off so well, but ever since returning from Prague it’s been something of a continual downard slide. My intentions are good, but I’m finding a distinct lack of motivation when it actually comes to the time to cook my food. It’s just so much easier to call Gatto’s pizza than it is to throw a pork roast in the oven. No, actually, now that I’ve processed that thought, I know it isn’t any more work. One phone call versus five minutes cutting up a pork loin? That’s just laziness. 

The diet and my lack of blogging aren’t the only areas where I feel that I’ve failed recently, but those are the obvious ones. It’s really tempting to just throw in the towel and say “Oh well, I failed. I guess I’ll go order another pizza and watch TV.” Especially this time of year, when the days get darker, the weather gets colder, and entire days can go by without leaving the house. It’s very easy for me to slip into a dark, depressed state where I never get anything done that I set out to do.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past few years, dealing with seasonal mood changes, it’s that you have to channel as much determination into fighting it as you can. Sometimes you just need to draw a line in the sand and decide to turn things around. It ends today, and tomorrow I will start to get things done.