First Impressions of Fatherhood

I’ve been a father for five full days, and so far it’s very different than what I had anticipated. Most parenting books try to prepare you for six solid weeks of sleeplessness, baby puke, and disgusting diapers but so far we’re living a very different story. 

The first 48 hours were definitely rough. We had some trouble initially getting enough food in little Lucy, and as a result she was pretty crabby and wouldn’t sleep at all unless she was skin-to-skin with one of the two of us. That was fine at first, but you really can’t go two days without a break without losing your mind a little bit. After that initial battle of wills, we were finally able to give Lucy a full feeding and she slept like a rock immediately afterwards. Ever since, she has spent most of her time either eating or sleeping; As a matter of fact, sometimes we have to really work hard to wake her up to make her eat every couple hours.

After those two days recovering in the hospital, we were able to bring our little girl home for the first time and the days since have been amazing. Lucy continues to sleep really well, and she’s eating more every day. The few hours that she’s not eating or sleeping, she’s looking around with her little curious eyes, soaking everything in. 

Leading up to Lucy’s birth, there were a lot of comments made about how Gus was about to lose his status in the family. Well I’m happy to report that Gus is still our faithful sidekick and the only thing that has changed is that our sidekick now has a sidekick of his own. 

I think Lucy and Gus are going to be good friends for many, many years. 

Lucy also got to go to her first pediatrician’s appointment this week and received a clean bill of health. She’s down on her weight about 10%, but the doctor doesn’t seem concerned, and she’s continuing to eat more and more at each feeding. She also accompanied us on her first set of errands and slept in her car seat like a champ. So far, Lucy is turning out to be a really chill kid. 

I don’t think we’re naive enough to expect this to continue; There will be sleepless nights, fussiness, and lots and lots of crying. Still, we’re pretty excited to get to know this little girl a little better.