In need of expert advice

Jay, Cameron and I had an overly-extended debate on what exactly differentiates a situation comedy (or “sitcom” to you) from the super-genre of comedy. We decided to ask the experts at ChaCha:

Question: What’s the difference between a comedy and a sitcom?

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Bonnie(13248): Welcome to ChaCha!
You: hey bons
Bonnie(13248): Hello
Bonnie(13248): Hold on. Just a moment while I find that for you.
You: thanks!
Bonnie(13248): Are these helpful?
You: well, kinda
You: what’s your personal opinion?
You: any comedy program i can think of has a situation
Bonnie(13248): My opinion is that a comedy is an hour and a sitcom has only half an hour to wrap everything up
You: zing!
You: nice work
You: i like that
Bonnie(13248): Did I answer your question?
Bonnie(13248): If only all questions could be answered by my opinion…
Bonnie(13248): Is there anything else on this topic I can find for you today?
You: well, i guess we are both entitled to our opinions. that will be all, then.
Bonnie(13248): Thanks for chachaing with me, have a great day!!
You: xoxox

We weren’t particularly impressed with that answer, so we furthered our search by watching the pilot episode of ALF, which I think we can all agree is the gold standard by which all sitcoms should be compared.