Lucy: Month Fifteen

“Hi Lucy!”

That’s the first thing I say to you every morning when I pop into your room to get you up. And while I wish I could report that you respond with a chipper “Hi Papa!” it’s much more likely to be either “bup!” — which means that you want to be picked up — “numanumanum?!” — which means that you want to know if it’s time to eat yet — or “puppy!” — which is pretty self explanatory. Up until a couple of months ago, your vocabulary was pretty much limited to “mama,” “papa,” “hi,” “bye,” and, of course, “puppy.” In just a few short weeks, though, this list has nearly doubled. In addition to the already mentioned “up,” you’ve been known to specifically ask for cheese, milk, and balloons. The balloons from your first birthday party must have been a major hit, because you could play with balloons for hours. I’m pretty sure I also heard you call me a “butthead” once, but I’m going to just assume that was a fluke.

You know what wasn’t a fluke, though? That first day you strung a few steps together and started walking. Man, you really mastered that quickly! 

Just walking apparently weren’t enough for you, so you have since moved on to stairs. “Mastered” might be too strong of a word for how you handle the stairs, but you have absolutely no fear in working toward it. One Sunday when we were visiting Gramps and Mimi, you spent a solid hour ascending and descending the stairs. I’m pretty sure you will have moved on to learning to ride a bike by the end of the month.



In an effort to avoid what was beginning to be a babymullet, you had your first haircut a few months ago, and you handled it like a champ. Of course, we did have to ply you with Goldfish and Wonderpets, but you were very patient.




We’ve also managed to get you off of your bottle and onto sippy / straw cups. Bedtime was a little tricky that first week, but once you got the hang of things we were able to establish a really fun bedtime routine with you: First you get your last cup of milk for the day while we hang out in your room and read books. Once your milk is all gone, I get to chase you around with your tiny toothbrush as you laugh maniacally. After your teeth are all clean we turn off the lights, turn on your ladybug nightlight, and sing you a couple of songs as you interrupt us with a dozen or so bedtime kisses. After shutting your door we continue to listen in on the monitor as you babble for about 30-40 minutes. We’re not entirely sure what you’re talking about, but if we had to guess it would be that you’re telling your good friend Donkey about your day.


Speaking of Donkey, you very clearly have it in your head that all animals are divided into two camps: There are the animals that roar — such as tigers and bears — that you refer to as “rowies,” and everything else. This category of “everything else” is the “puppy” category. If we’re walking down the street and you see any sort of dog, you point and say “puppy!” Kitty crosses your path? “Puppy!” See an elephant at the zoo? “Puppy!” Watching a video of JLo wearing a fur coat? “Puppy!” It’s really one of the most adorable things you do these days.

Now that summer is here, I can’t wait to see all the fun adventures you’re going to have as we’re able to do more and more things with you outside. The next three months will see your first beach vacation, first time in a swimming pool, and one of your longest road trips. Your mama and I are looking forward to all of it.

All my love,