Lucy: Month Ten

Dear Lucy,

I’m not going to lie to you, this hasn’t been your best month. Ever since we got back from our trip to Europe, you’ve undergone a steady and gradual descent into restless sleeping. It started with bedtime.

Putting you to bed used to be a joy, a pleasure; We gave you your bath, sat with you while you ate and read you a book, and then we would lay you down, kiss your nose, and say goodnight. Done and done. Suddently, though, you were no longer content with this arrangement, and instead required butt pats at a rate not to exceed two per second until you were sound asleep. This wasn’t completely unreasonable, except for the fact that it was sometimes taking upwards of an hour for you to fall asleep. You might nod off after ten minutes, sure, but as we slowly crept out of the room we would inevitibly step on a squeaky floorboard, waking you up and starting the process over again.

Of course, bed time hasn’t been the only point of contention this month. Even after we finally manage to sneak out of your room, we can count on at least two overnight wake-ups, each one requiring a bottle and a combination of either children’s tylenol for your teeth or gripe water for the gas. Sometimes all three. And while your mother and I are definitely night owls, we are looking forward to the day you grow out of this phase.

I have to say, though, that despite all the overnight shenanigans, you’re still an absolute delight during the day. You’re just so happy and smiley all the time that it makes it hard to stay mad at you, even though we spend the days walking around like zombies due to lack of sleep. In fact, you’re just so happy that you have apparently decided that you don’t need to take naps any more! Fantastic!

What has saved us though, and has enabled us a safe option to lay on the couch and get a nap in here and there, is your bouncer. If there is one thing you love in this world more than not sleeping, it’s bouncing. We could put you in this thing for hours and you’re just the happiest little jumper in the world.

Early this month, we also got to meet up with your grandparents, aunts, uncle, and cousins for a family photo shoot. Here are some of the highlights.

Team Soell: Mama, Papa, and Lucy

Auntie Julenna, Shirlene and Grandpa Rex, Mama, Lucy and Papa

Mama, Lucy, Grandpa Rex, and Auntie Julenna

Mama, Lucy, Papa, Auntie Lesley, Uncle Darin, Cousins Will and Emma, Mimi and Gramps

Lucy, Papa, Mimi and Gramps

Lucy and cousins Emma and Will

Lucy, Mimi, cousin Emma, Gramps, and cousin Will

Team Soell!

You’re getting so much bigger and stronger, and hearing you laugh every day at something new is amazing. I can’t believe all the little things you’re learning to do as you inch your way down the path to independence. Let’s just keep working on the sleeping thing first though, what do you say?

All my love,