2009 in Review: Music

Every year when I put together my “best of” music mix, I have three very strict rules:

  1. Only include tracks that you’ve first heard in the past year
  2. Include music with strong memories associated with it
  3. Don’t go overboard

While I would prefer to include only music put out in the past year, there is almost always a large chunk of the mix that has been around for years, but I’ve only just heard it at some point in the past 12 months. I feel pretty good about this year’s mix: only half of the tracks are from 2008 or earlier.

I tried to add all the tracks that have a strong memory attached, but also really didn’t want to violate the third and most important rule. What kills a good mix, nine times out of ten, is too many tracks that just don’t all go together. So I’ve got a nice 11-track mix here that sums up 2009 nicely for me.

I hope you enjoy it, click here to give it a listen