NaBloPoMo 2011

You blink your eyes, and suddenly it’s November again. This time of year means a lot of things: Eating leftover Halloween candy, preparing for Thanksgiving, and beginning to think about Christmas and New Years. For the past three years, November has also meant National Blog Posting Month — or NaBloPoMo — for thousands of people across the Internet. It’s the one month every year where people commit to getting back into the blogging habit by posting a blog update every single day. My first attempt in 2009 was successful, while I only scored a 21 out of 30 last year. Nevertheless, I’m giving it another shot in 2011!

Over the next 29 days, you can expect to see some more of the usual: Updates on Lucy, pictures of Gus, and random tech ramblings. You’ll also see some follow-ups to NaBloPoMo posts from years past, including  additions to the “favorite things” and “strangers I love” series. If you’re really lucky, you may even see a first-draft of the children’s book I’ve been mentally composing for years, featuring our favorite border collie.

So stick around, and comment often — National Blog Posting Month kicks off now!