The Niño

The weather here in LA has definitely taken a turn for the worse. While it’s definitely dampened (no pun intended) my ability to enjoy the beach, I’ve had plenty of other distractions to focus on.

American Psycho

For Christmas, January and I splurged and got ourselves a Kindle e-book reader to share. So far we absolutely love it and we’re rediscovering our love of reading. On the drive out, we bought Donald Miller’s “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years,” which January read aloud to me. We both really enjoyed it and recommend it for a nice, casual read. The Kindle is also nice because it will read any PDF formatted document, so if you know where to find books in that format on the Internet, your possibilities are almost endless.

After finishing up “A Million Miles,” I decided to give “American Psycho” a shot. I’m a little more than midway through it, and I’m beginning to regret my decision. Not because it’s bad, per se, but because when I read, I’m really susceptible to the mood of the material I’m reading. My favorite books are the ones that are kind of introspective and moody, which kind of keeps me in a neutral place. If you’ve read “American Psycho,” however, you know that it is downright disturbing. And what’s worse, it doesn’t really just dive straight into the insanity, it’s a gradual process that sucks you in. The first third of the book really just details the monotony of the main character’s life and it’s only in the middle of the book that his psychosis really starts to come through, and in very sudden and graphic ways. As a completionist, I hate the idea of not finishing the book, but I’m wondering if I really have anything to benefit by sticking to it. Maybe I’ll just watch the movie.


I’m also ridiculously excited that some of my favorite shows are back in action this month. I’ve seen every episode of 24 since it first aired eight years ago and, like most fans, my opinion of the show has been all over the place. The first couple of seasons were bold, groundbreaking television and since then the show has slowly begun to be little more than a parody of itself. Really for the past five seasons I’ve been saying over and over again how it needs to stop rehasing the same old plots (virus outbreaks, assassination attempts, nuclear bombs), the same writing devices (There’s a mole in the government! CTU headquarters is breached! A character we thought was dead is alive!), and come up with something new to reinvigorate the show. Well, I’ve changed my mind.

What 24 needs this season is more of the same, but done well. Let’s face it: 24 is a show about government corruption, torture, stuff blowing up, and Jack saving the day and almost dying in the process. I’m resigned to enjoying the ride, as long as the writers don’t give us anymore bullshit subplots about Jack’s “nephew” being kidnapped, his daugher being stalked by a cougar, or Tony Almeida still being alive somehow. Assassination attempt before a peace treaty is signed? And the whole thing is just a distraction for something even bigger? Sounds great, let’s do it!

So that’s how I’ve been whiling my time away during these pacific storms. Looks like it’s going to keep up at least two more days, any suggestions on other books or TV shows I should be looking at while the sun’s not shining?