The Salt Mines

It’s been a quiet month here on the blog, but it’s been far from quiet otherwise. Yesterday, January and I opened up two new businesses in our neighborhood, so we’ve been running around like crazy getting last minute renovations and details ready for our grand opening last night. Now that I finally have a minute to catch my breath, I wanted to write a little bit about the business that I’ll be most directly involved with: The Salt Mines Coworking Space.

When we bought our house back in 2007, two bedrooms seemed great. Four years later, we lost that second bedroom office to our little Lucy, and my office turned into whatever chair I happened to sit in around the house. By the time she learned to walk, she started to get confused about why Papa couldn’t play with her during the day. So we started to look for some space outside of the house where I could go during the day to get work done.

So when we saw a storefront office space available less than half a mile from our house, we were definitely interested. The space was pretty perfect, but the rent was a little higher than we could justify on our own. We wondered to ourselves if there were other people in our neighborhood in similar situations, who just needed some space outside the house where they could focus on work during the day. So we took the leap, did some minor renovations on the space, and opened it up as The Salt Mines, Clintonville’s newest coworking space.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, coworking spaces are offices where individuals — usually the self employed, telecommuters, or small business owners — can rent some office space with other individuals to work. Typical office setups are highly collaborative, without cubicles or walls, so people can work on their own or bounce ideas off each other as the need arises. Our space is fairly small, but we have room for a dozen or so people to come in, set up their laptop, drink some coffee, and get some work done.

If you’re interested in coworking, you can read more about The Salt Mines web site. I’m excited to have a new office space to go to every day, and I can’t wait to see who joins me over the coming weeks and months!