A Few of My Favorite Things

I don’t like to think of myself as a materialistic person. I mean, I definitely love my gadgets and I used to have a moderately expensive video game habit, but overall I don’t think I get hung up on what I own. But of course, there are a few little things that I would be really sad about losing if, say, the house burned down. I mean, I’d be really sad about losing the house, but also a couple of comparitively worthless things as well.


One of my absolute favorite things in the world is coffee. I’ve had many coffee cups over the years, but over the past couple of years I’ve really settled into a nice routine with this little yellow cup. First thing in the morning, I make a big pot of french press coffee and keep it right on my desk. The problem is, I drink it relatively slowly, and each cup usually gets cold by the time I finish it. For a while, I would keep a “dump cup” on my desk that I would dump the cold, bottom-of-the-cup coffee into before getting a refill. This cup, however, holds maybe 6 fluid ounces of coffee. This means more hot coffee, and more frequent refills, and less wasted coffee!

things_sporkWhen I first enrolled at Taylor University, we would take multiple trips each week to Muncie, a town about 30 minutes away, for late night Taco Bell runs. In my junior year, a combination Taco Bell / KFC restaurant was opened up by the freeway about 10 minutes away from campus, and while it wasn’t as nice as the Taco Bell in Muncie (you know, by Taco Bell standards), it was a lot closer and as a result got a lot more of our business. The KirTac restaurant did have one advanage: copious amounts of sporks. If you aren’t familiar with sporks, they’re combination spoons and forks. Sporks are amazing, and for my last birthday my sister Lesley bought me a titanium spork that I love! Goes great with soup, spaghetti, ice cream… you name it!

things_glassesShortly after January and I got married we got her some new glasses and me some new lenses. We were still pretty new to puppy-raising, and it wasn’t long before both of our glasses became casualties to Gus’ puppy teeth. Mine were completely destroyed, but January’s just got some teeth marks on the ear piece. I started wearing her glasses, and ultimately claimed them as my own officially by getting the lenses replaced with my own presecription. Three years later, I’m still using these glasses with tiny puppy teeth marks on the ear pieces, and several tiny scratches on the lenses. I’ll probably get the lenses replaced someday soon, but I’m keeping the frames as long as I possibly can. They just feel like me.

things_capWith the exception of my Lake Superior State Hockey t-shirt that is currently in tatters, this stocking cap is the article of clothing that I have owned the longest. I bought it shortly before moving to Chicago, and it’s great in the winter. Since using this cap, most other caps just feel like they don’t cover enough of my head. This cap comes all the way down, covering both of my ears complete. There have been several times when I’ve thought I lost it, and I have almost literally torn the house apart looking for it. In my mind, it’s irreplaceable.