A Few More of My Favorite Things

Last year I introduced you to a few of my favorite things in the world. A year is a long time, though, and a lot of things change, so I thought it would be good to update my list. While I do still love the things from last year’s list, I’ve had a little time to notice a few other things around the house that I view as indespensible, and I thought I’d write a little about them here.

On last year’s list, I mentioned the little yellow coffee cup that I used every day. Sadly, we lost that coffee cup in the Great Coffee Mug Purge of 2010, so I’d like to have a moment of silence for my lost friend . . . . . . Fortunately, I’ve found an adequate replacement in that one coffee cup in these six stackable cups that January bought at World Market. They’re slightly larger than my old, lost friend, but they do the job just as well. Plus the stackable nature of them saves on cabinet space, since we can just set the stack of them out on the counter, next to the coffee grinder and electric kettle.

January bought this little guy for me a couple years ago, and I’m not really sure why it didn’t make the list last year. If you’re not familiar with the form or function of this statue, it’s a little holder for your eyeglasses! Most nights before I crawl into bed, I take my glasses, fold them up, and place them on the “nose” of the statue to keep them safe until the morning. I’m not really sure where you would get something like this, but as I’m prone to losing most things, having a dedicated place like this to keep my glasses when I’m not wearing definitely falls into the category of “Great Ideas.”

This is a poster we have hanging in our dining room, featuring the various neighborhoods in Columbus.  January bought me one of the more famous ORK posters of Chicago and its neighborhoods for Christmas several years ago, so when These Are Things came out with this poster last year we had to get a print to put with it. Most mornings, I get up, brew some coffee, pour some cereal or make some oatmeal, and sit and look at this poster for a while. It makes me feel a little closer with my city, and helps me think about some of the neighborhoods I don’t get to visit often.

Yes, I’m adding a second poster to this list. We’ve lived in our house for just over three years now, which is a whole year longer than I’ve ever lived in a single place since I left my parents’ home. As we continue to get settled in, we’re finally getting around to decorating the walls, which means more and more posters. This poster, “The Perfect Pour” was another gift from January that I really love. It has twenty different infographic-style images on it, depicting various coffee beverages and their ingredients. As you can see, I have this hanging next to my coffee station in the kitchen where I can see it every morning. Although I invariably go for a simple french pressed pot of coffee every morning, it’s still nice to see all the options available to me.

There you go. A few more of the little things around the house that I’ve grown attached to. I’m sure, like this year, my list will have grown this time next year so check back for another update next November. What about you? What are some of your favorite things that sit around your house?