Let me show you around

Since we’ve been out here, we’ve been asked a lot about the place we’re staying.  To bring everyone up to speed, our whole California trip started when January saw an ad for a sublet in New York City for the month of January.  After doing the math — and realizing that Winter in New York isn’t really much of a vacation — she had the idea of checking out the fairer coast.  We managed to find a place a block away from the beach in Venice for a very reasonable rent; It’s nothing fancy, just a place for us to cook our meals, get a little work done during the day, and sleep at night.

But a picture speaks a thousand words, and I’m a big-old geek, so I’ve put together a 3D panaomaic tour of our apartment.  Ok, not the whole apartment, but this is the living room / kitchen area.

So check out our Venice home away from home:

If you’re up for installing the Silverlight plugin, you can check out the tour yourself, zooming and moving at your own pace, by visiting the Photosynth site  The viewer is a little confusing, but if you just click and drag, it should take you from picture to picture, taking you on a complete view of the front half of the apartment.  For a different perspective, just click on the icon in the upper-right. The apartment is definitely smaller than we’re used to, but it’s been good to us for the past month.  If I get enough positive feedback — and the weather turns bad — I may expand the tour to include the bedroom, hallway, and the kick-ass balcony at sunset.