We are spunky. And Loving.

If you read my last entry, you’ll see some striking similarities between the following instant messenger conversation between January and myself, and the previously-discussed “hypothetical” conversation:

Monday, March 12, 2007

12:47 January: ok. i’m in love.
12:47 January: and his name is teddy
12:48 me: yeah, that’s pretty cute
12:48 January: and he sits by your feet all the time
12:48 January: can i have him please?
12:49 me: what happens if we can’t get a house this year?
12:49 January: the he lives in our tiny tiny apartment with us and we go to the park daily
12:49 me: in our tiny apartment with our 3 cats?
12:50 January: yes
12:50 me: :-/
12:50 me: he’s adorable, but I don’t know if it’s good timing
12:50 January: you are breaking my little heart
12:50 January: i LOVE him
12:50 me: no! your heart is fine!
12:50 January: how would you feel if i said i couldn’t take you home because it was bad timing?
12:51 me: but i’m people!
12:51 January: teddy “had a rough start” and his owner “promised him a good middle and ending”
12:51 January: we could be that
12:51 January: I LOVE him
12:51 me:
12:52 January: we could make it work, andy
12:52 January: we are spunky
12:52 January: and loving
12:53 me: you’re killing me, January
Well, apparently we are, in fact, both spunky and loving, and the new owners of a tiny, itchy, yappy, stinky puppy. We have known for a while that we were going to have to add a dog to our collection of pets, if for no other reason than to avoid being the “crazy cat people.” Every neighborhood has that house. The one where all of the strays know they can get their three squares and a saucer of milk each day. The house that kids don’t go to on Halloween, mostly because of the fecal smell. We were on the fast track to becoming the “crazy cat people,” with our current collection of three. The addition of this little guy just solidifies us as “that house with all the animals” instead, which is definitely preferable.
We had originally decided, even before we met this guy, that we were going to have a dog and name him “Augustus.” Auggie for short. This guy doesn’t seem like an Auggie, though. So at this point he is the Yet To Be Named Border Collie / Labrador Puppy:
Yes, he is the cutest thing ever.