Captain’s Log Week 33: Preparations

It’s been a couple weeks since I sat down to write an update on The Captain’s progress, and what a couple of weeks it has been! We’re in our last two months of pregnancy, and January’s body is starting to get ready for the Main Event: joints are loosening up, bones are popping, and Wish is quickly finding herself with less and less space in which to move around. Add to this the fact that Wish is currently in a breach position, and it’s clear that it’s going to be a long couple of months, with or without the holidays.

One of the bigger concerns at this point is the fact that little Wish is in a breach position. We do still have seven weeks to get her turned around, but we have to get on it now to make sure we have plenty of time. Despite my skepticism toward chiropractors, it’s hard to argue with their 90% success rate in getting breached babies turned around. January had her first appointment this past week, and next week is going to be all about a slow chiropractic process aimed at getting Wish flipped. After only one appointment, January is already feeling a little change, so we’re hopeful that we can get this taken care of sooner rather than later so we can spend the last month or so keeping January comfortable and strong.

Apart from making sure Wish herself is ready for the big day, we need to make sure January is in the best condition she can be in for a potentially long labor. The plan is, with the help of our awesome doula, to labor at home as long as we can and then move it over to the hospital and complete the as birth intervention- and medicine-free and we can. In preparation for that, our doula has January on various supplements to get her as ready as she can be.

Red raspberry leaf tea helps in strengthening the uterus for the big day, which should help improve contractions. Nettle tea is a big source of calcium, something a pregnant woman needs a lot of. If the unborn baby doesn’t get get enough, it will take it from the mother, so we have to make sure January is taking plenty.  Chlorophyll is a known blood builder, although the taste seems to be fairly awful. We found this in concentrated format at Whole Foods and put 18 drops of the dark green liquid in a glass of water twice a day. Despite an unfortunate incident involving a glass of the stuff, a piece of spinach and feta quiche, and our bathroom floor, January has soldiered on taking this every day. January is also taking calcium / magnesium supplements to help with “restless legs” and also to make sure she’s getting all the calcium she and little Wish needs.

I know that, between the chiropractor and all these fancy teas, I’m getting  into some hippie-dippie territory here, but I’m going to throw another one at you: Hypnobirthing. Our plan is to do this birth as intervention- and medicine-free as possible, which is going to mean, at best, a great deal of discomfort in the birthing process. Hypnobirthing is a pain management method by which the mother learns to focus during the pain in order to make the birth as clam and comfortable as possible. In my opinion, it’s extremely poorly titled, as the name “hypnobirthing” implies hypnosis and this is really more of a method of focusing and riding out the contractions. We’ve heard a lot of good success stories from it, though, so we’re excited to start the classes this evening to learn a little more about how it works and how we can incorporate it into the birth plan so we can do this as naturally as we’re able.

I’m sure that over the next couple of weeks I’ll learn a lot more about each of these areas, and hopefully I’ll have a little more detail on each of them. If you have any advice or tips for getting a breach baby flipped, or handling a natural birth as comfortably as possible, we’d love any tips or advice we can get!