What I learned about California (and forgot about Ohio)

After 2,258 miles of varying degrees of weather, all of which worse than where the journey began, we find ourselves back in our cozy home in Clintonville. While we do miss the warm California climate, it’s definitely nice to be back. As a quick recap, here are a few things we learned along the way.

  • In California, it’s quite common to actually see the sun. Every day.
  • Bad driving habits in California actually transcend the automobile. Even when walking nobody pays attention to anyone else, and if you aren’t an aggressive walker you’ll never get out of Whole Foods in less than 2 hours.
  • Some of the best tasting food can be bought from a truck.
  • Running is so much more fun when there’s pretty stuff to look at.
  • Churros aren’t nearly as good as you remember them.
  • The 405 really is as bad as you’ve heard.
  • Satellite TV is the worst idea ever. Ever. I’m looking at you, DirecTV. Horrible.

While we learned a lot about California, we also forgot a lot about Ohio.  It’s all come rushing back to us in the past 12 hours:

  • In February, socks are never optional. Even for those “quick trips” out to the car.
  • Ohio drivers are actually quite impressive.
  • In Ohio, it’s actually possible for two people to eat out for less than $40.
  • We have so many awesome friends in Columbus.

Thanks to everyone for all the concern over our travels through this last blizzard. We can’t wait to see you all again once this snow melts and we’re able to get out of our house.