How to Blow Up Your Life: Why?

I’m going to answer the “why” question first, because it’s the one we’ve been asked most frequently. It’s also the question that I understand the least. Some people ask it because they want to know if there’s a specific reason we’re moving to Prague, and I totally understand that. But some people ask it because they don’t understand why one would want to uproot everything and live in another country. The only answer I have for this later group is, why wouldn’t you want to live here?

To answer the question of what precipitated this move, though, we need to rewind a few years. Nearly nine years, actually.

In the autumn of 2006, January and I were married in front of all of our very best friends and family. It was an amazing day and the start of our journey together. We started down that road doing what it seems like Responsible Married Adults are supposed to do: We bought a house, adopted a puppy, traded freelance work for a Real Jobs, had an amazing little baby, and just continued on doing the sorts of things people are supposed to do. Vacations were had, things were acquired, taxes were paid, and so on. By early 2013 both January and I started to come to the realization that a lot of this stuff we were doing wasn’t really what we wanted for our lives. Our house was wonderful, all of our stuff was great, but it felt restrictive—like it was keeping us from really exploring the world. So we started a process by which we would undo a lot of the things that weren’t really us—owning a lot of things, being responsible for a house, working a standard 9-5 job—so that we could have the freedom and flexibility to see the world and show our daughter what it meant to be a human being, and not just an Ohioan or an American.

This wasn’t an easy process; We had some debts to pay down, lots and lots of stuff to get rid of, and a house to sell. I’m sure for some people this whole idea is kind of ludicrous. That’s ok. It’s probably not what’s best for everyone, but it’s what we’ve chosen.

OK, but why Prague?

I consider myself very lucky that I have so many good friends that I keep in touch with from my college years. More than fifteen years after graduating, a dozen or more of us take time out once a year to get together and find out what everyone has been up to. Fifteen years is a long time to maintain relationships like this, but I’ve got nothing on January and her Tasci. They have maintained their Best Friend status for decades, despite having not lived in the same city since High School. They talk on Skype regularly, send postcards frequently, and visit with each other when we happen to be on the same continent.

When January first brought up the idea of spending some time living overseas, the idea of giving January and Tasci the opportunity to actually live in the same city as one another was too much to pass up on. Something truly amazing is bound to come out of a situation where these two can see each other with only a 20 minute train ride.

That’s the “why” behind the move: We’ve loved our lives together so far, but we want to expand our experience beyond our American borders, experience live in another culture, and give Lucy some perspective on what it means to live in another part of the world. Check back for the next part of our “How to Blow Up Your Life” series where I’ll fill you in on the job situation. Teaser: We never do things the easy way.