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Birchbox Review: April

Yep, still LOVING my Birchbox subscription.  So much so that I signed Andy up for the man box (He’ll be posting his review later after he’s had a chance to try everything).  It’s just so much fun getting to try new products every month that I would probably otherwise never even hear about.  I’m not so connected to the beauty scene.  It’s not that I’m not interested, I just rarely buy a product that I don’t have a strong personal recommendation for.  As we all know, good quality products aren’t cheap so if I’m going to invest, I’m going to need to know it works.  I love that with the Birchbox samples I get enough of the product in the sample to know whether it’s something I want to purchase.


This month I got to try out:

Dropps Laundry Detergent Love that the package dissolves in the wash and it has a nice clean scent. I haven’t had a chance to really price compare with our current brand of choice (Method Free + Clear for clothes and Nelly’s for our cloth diapers) but I would definitely consider switching for the convenience factor if the price was comparable.

Alima Pure Organic Nourishing Lipbalm in Rhubarb Love the color, it stays on for a long time, and gives you those fun lip tinglies.  I definitely will replace this one once it’s gone.  Maybe.  I kind of have a moratorium on lipbalm purchasing seeing as I have four thousand rattling around my house.   Also, I really want to try one of the Sugar tinted balms.  Those look fun.

Willa Lavendar Facial Towelettes Since I’ve been working hard to get rid of hormonal redness leftover from baby baking (and I also have SUPER sensative skin), I’m always a little leary of cleansers that contain any kind of scent.  Typically they burn my face and the next morning I have red blotches all over.  I tried this with much trepidation, but it turns out there were no adverse affects.  My face didn’t feel super clean afterward, but I think they would be awesome on a long plane trip when you don’t want to wash your face with the yucky airplane water.  

Wonderstruck Fragrance by Taylor Swift It’s not really my kind of scent.  A little heavy on the sugary sweet side for me. 

Befine Food Skincare Sampler Inside the box there were three brown sugar, sweet almond, and oats exfoliating cleanser packs and two rosemary, pomegranate, and rice moisturizer with SPF 15 packets.  I really liked both of these products.  Again, no adverse affects on my skin and the moisturizer felt light on my face.  Right now I’m using Rx products but once I transition off of those, I would definitely consider the Befine line.

If you want to sign up it’s only $10 a month and you can earn points for reviewing your box products, buying full size products, and referring friends.  I would love it if you would use my referral link if you do decide to join the fun!




Thirty-Three: Week Eight

These photos, like my week, are a bit all over the place.  But life has taken on a bit of a faster pace over the last week and it is what it is, I suppose.  Spring blooms are so fleeting, I always feel pressure to capture them while I can.  The strong winds of the past few days have the streets snowing with petals.  I’ll miss them when they’re gone. 

JEN 7729

JEN 7666

JEN 8100

JEN 8279

Asos Curve Collection

I’m always on the lookout for cute clothes for the curvy girls. So many brands don’t get that not everyone over a size 14 wants to sport a muumuu.  When I stumbled on the Asos Curve collection I was pleasantly surprised!  There are some really fun edgy pieces and also some classic pieces to help round out your wardrobe.  I love that they are priced reasonably too.  


Washi Love

I posted a quick photo on Instagram earlier this week about my latest obsession, WASHI TAPE! Truth is, I love all things paper and with friends all over this great big globe, I send a lot of handwritten notes and packages. I’m also a big crafter so my collection comes in handy when I want to add a little pop of color to my latest project.  

My collection started with a yellow pack I picked up in a Santa Monica shop in 2010.  I didn’t use it a lot at first because it was so pretty and I didn’t want to use it all up.  I have the same problem with pretty cards.  I can’t tell you how many gorgeous pieces of stationary I have sitting in my paper goods drawer.  I have just recently begun to send my little treasures off to live with the people I love in far flung places.

I was lamenting to Andy that I hadn’t really found any local sources whenI found these at Target for four bucks each!  Perhaps I’m the last person on the planet to hear that the washi craze had made it’s way to Target, but oh my goodness, you should have seen how excited I was. I bought one of every single color pack…some in duplicate.  I have a sickness, really.


I got a lot of questions about how I use it so I thought I would share a few of the latest examples.


A handmade notebook I made for a friend who just got some sweet baby news! (Name blurred out so as to not spill the beans)


A package on it’s way to The lovely Tascita in the Czech Republic.


A package of small photos destined for grandparents.


The notebook I keep of all the scraps and clippings I find inspiring…a analogue Pinterest, if you will :).

What do you use it for?  I’d love to hear your ideas since I’ve got plenty of tape to use!

Thirty-Three: Week Seven

More and more of Lucy’s (very big) personality comes out every single day.  She is sweet and empathetic, strong and passionate.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the weight of the responsibility of teaching her how to protect that big heart of hers.  

Birchbox Review: March

I have to say, I have been LOVING my Birchbox subscription.  It’s so much fun to get new products to play with every month!  It’s official, I’m addicted.

This month I had the option to choose between the regular box or a special box chosen by the beauty editor of Teen Vogue.  I’m adventurous, so I opted for the Teen Vogue box and I loved it!  

If you would like to subscribe and get your own Birchbox, you can CLICK HERE

I got:  Kate Spade Twirl FragranceTwistband hair tieEssie Set In Stones glitter polish (full size!)Tarte lipsurgence lip tint in Amused (full size too!)Kerastace Elixer Ultime hair oil

I love it all, particularly the Tarte lip tint and the Kerastace hair oil.  I will probably be purchasing both when I run out.  


A First Easter Basket

This isn’t Lu’s first Easter, of course, but it is her first Easter basket!  I always go back and forth about holiday traditions when it comes to babies.  If they aren’t going to understand/remember, it seems like you might as well save yourself some time.  Does that make me a bad person? Oh well.

Lucy is starting to understand more and more of what’s going on around her, and while she won’t remember it, it’s fun to celebrate with her.  She’s going through a gasping phase, and it cracks me up.  Everything is ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING!!! She was thrilled to see her basket, and it was made up of really practical items that she needed or we would have purchased anyway, so a win-win.

She got a Fisher Price Froggy Potty, Hello Kitty Stickers, bananas (her favorite sweet treat), an Elmo bath time book, washable markers, a cup of her very own, and some applesauce squeezers.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter!

April Workout Playlist

A couple of years ago I signed up for personal training at my gym.  To be honest, it really really sucked.  The first trainer they gave me was awful.  I won’t bore you with the details, suffice it to say he was inappropriate and completely clueless. The second trainer dropped a 65 pound weight on my head, and then I got pregnant and then the workouts got so watered down I hardly saw the point.  After I had Lucy I decided to take a stab at coming up with my own workouts. I did some research online, had a Biggest Loser marathon, and enlisted my sister as a workout partner.

I lost forty pounds over the last eight months and while those aren’t Biggest Loser numbers, I’m still happy with my progress.  As anyone who has attempted to lose a significant amount of weight can tell you, IT IS HARD. Some weeks after busting your ass you barely see the scale budge. Sometimes you do. This time around, I’ve done a lot of mental work as well.  Instead of thinking about what size my jeans are, I have been working on thinking about how strong my body is.  Am I a size six? No. Not even close. I probably won’t ever be. Am I winded when I get to the top of the stairs? Not any more.

I used to obsess over how much I hated my body, how it looked, how it felt, and what I felt like inside it.  After I had Lucy I had a whole different perspective.  My body did something completely crazy and wonderful.  It grew and nourished another human being for nine months at the end of which it was cut open to bring that life into the world and then it put itself back together.  Somewhere along the way, I realized I was fighting a battle with myself that I couldn’t possibly expect to win.  Hating and hiding weren’t going to get me anywhere.  I needed to find a way to take care of my body so it could be there for me when I needed it.

I’ve spent the last eight months putting one foot in front of the other, weaving my way through sleepless nights, hormonal cravings, and depression. My progress has not been fast, but it has been steady and when I fall off the wagon, I do my best to get back on and not just give up. My body is now able to do things it couldn’t before and I feel stronger.  I’m happy with that.

Every month I try to come up with a new playlist for working out to keep me interested.  A good playlist is really important to me because I use the music to push my pace and give me a second wind when I get tired.  Andy can listen to podcasts or books on tape when he runs, but I have never been able to do that.  I get bored so quickly. One minute I’m on a tutorial learning How to play timbales, another minute I’m on a Youtube channel teaching Origami. I swear the minute I start a workout the monkeys that live in my brain go berzerk. I typically shuffle the list so I don’t know what’s coming.  It keeps me on my toes. I tend to be a pop/rap only girl when it comes to working out.  I believe strongly that this is why pop music exists.  Maybe some of you can listen to your supercool fancy music when you work out, but I need a strong beat and a loop, dammit.  Oh, that reminds me, this playlist is not meant for all audiences.  There are some bad words.  You have been warned.