Favorite Christmas Albums

It’s no secret that I do not have the cool kid genes when it comes to musical taste.  I like to think of my musical tastes as “eclectic.” I like top 40, I like rap & hip hop, I like some indie stuff, I like musical theater, I even like some country. After one month of dating, Andy said to me, “It’s not that you have bad taste in music….you have no taste in music.” Sweet, right? 

Most of the time I defer to Andy’s collection when it comes to playing music in the house or when we’re both in the car, but the one time of year I show complete disregard to his musical preferences is Christmastime.  And by Christmastime, I mean any time after Halloween.  These are my absolute favorite Christmas albums. I love them all so much and each one has significant memories attached. Except for the She & Him album.  It’s new this year but I’m sure in years to come it will always remind me of Lucy’s first Christmas. She loves her some Zooey Deschanel!



ONE: Christmas with the Beach Boys  TWO: Carpenters, Christmas Portrait  THREE: Celine Dion, These Are The Special Times  FOUR: Over The Rhine, Snow Angels  FIVE: Jewel, Joy: A Holiday Collection  SIX: A Very She & Him Christmas