Favorite Things: Newborn Edition

In keeping with the tradition of blogging our favorite things (see Andy’s previous posts Part One and Part Two), I thought I would talk about some of the things that have used nearly every day since little Lucy-Q joined our team.



1. Adin + Anais Burpy Bibs:  Lucy has had latch issues from the very beginning and since she can’t quite get the proper flange of her upper lip, milk goes absolutely everywhere every time we feed her.  Since we prefer not to have to change her clothes every single time she eats, bibs have become essential.  Luckily we have a ton of bibs between our hand-me-down stash and some IKEA cheap-o 5 packs I picked up, but these are by far the best and it’s really nice to be able to throw it over your shoulder when its burp time.  I love how big and soft they are.  If you’ve used other Adin + Anais products, you know how dreamy their cotton muslin is.  I also love that it transitions from a bib to a burp cloth–Keeps those night feedings super simple!

2. The Original Tummy Tub: Ok, so it looks like a $30 bucket, but I promise you it’s much better.  Lucy has not been a fan of the bath and I have a bad back so kneeling over the tub whilst wrangling a slippery baby just didn’t seem like any fun.  In the Tummy Tub, I can keep Lucy upright and safe with only a few fingers and my other hand is free to scrub her down and teach her the joys of splashing water everywhere.  We don’t really use the Tummy Tub for hardcore bathing, it’s more to relax Miss Lucy.  Seriously, I’ve never seen the kid happier.

3. Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water: There are a million different kinds of gripe water/gas drops on the market, but so far this is the only kind that doesn’t make Lucy scream in terror at the very sight of it.  It also seems to be the most effective at working its magic on her tummy.

4. The Moby Wrap: We have used this carrier pretty much from the day we came home from the hospital.  When Lucy is in one of her DO NOT PUT ME DOWN moods, this gives me back the use of both my hands.  Andy has also used it a few times while he’s working to give me a break for a nap.  I can’t say enough good things about it.

5. Angelcare Movement Monitor: Before Lucy was born, Andy and I were pretty open to whatever sleeping arrangement would work best for Lucy.  We tried co-sleeping with her in the bed with us, in a co-sleeping bassinet, and in her own crib in her room and it just happened to work out that Lucy didn’t sleep well in the room with us for whatever reason.  Pretty much from the first week we brought her home with the exception of when she was sick with RSV), she’s been sleeping in her own room in her crib and she sleeps really well.  However, I am a worrier–Like, get-up-50-times-and-make-sure-the-baby-is-still-breathing kind of worrier. Even though Lucy’s room is right next ours, I still got nervous.  This monitor is designed to set off an alarm if baby is motionless for longer than 20 seconds and it is a sound monitor too so no need for a second devise.  They have a fancier version that monitors the room’s temperature as well and sometimes living in an 80+ year-old house, I wish we had that feature, but for the most part sound and movement monitoring are enough for us.  I sleep so much better knowing that Lucy-girl is save and sound snoozing away in her room.




6. The Puj Tub: This is the tub we use to give Lucy her actual baths.  I love that it is soft and fits right in a sink so there is no excessive bending or knee sitting involved in bath time.  Being a c-section mama, it was a few weeks before bending at the waist was comfortable and the Puj made it easy to give Lucy her baths.  On the nights when Lucy gets a full scrub down, we start her out in this tub, wash and rinse her, then transfer her to the Tummy Tub for the rest of her bath.  She loves both tubs.

7. The Miracle Blanket: I know there are many anti-swaddlers out there, but Lucy has responded well to the swaddle from the beginning.  However, our girl is strong and from about 3 weeks old she could bust out of a traditional swaddle and those velcro swaddle blankets in 5 minutes flat.  My friend Tani passed this blanket along and we could not love it more.  Lucy stays tightly swaddled and sleeps for hours in this blanket.  Now that we are at the three month mark, she’ll sometimes sleep for 10 hour stretches (woohoo!).  We love this thing :).

8. Boon Grass Drying Rack: We have one of these upstairs in our bathroom as well as one in the kitchen to make drying bottles and other baby-related accoutrement. It’s small and compact and easily to clean, and in a house full of baby crapola, never underestimate the power of something pretty to look at.

9: The Diaper Champ: Andy’s parents gave us a hand-me-down Diaper Champ and we love it.  I have an overactive sense of smell and I rarely get a whiff of diaper business from this. Also you can use regular trash bags, no special stuff needed!

10: A DSLR: Obviously, since photography is how I make all my monies, I have (and truly, madly, deeply love) a DSLR camera, but at the price point entry level dslr’s are at these days and the quality difference, its a good investment for new parents.  Babies change so quickly, even if you hire a photographer to capture the major milestones, it is so nice to be able to make good quality photographs of your own family.