A little over a year ago, my dad moved from the house where I (mostly) grew up in Zanesville, OH to The Middle Of Nowhere, IN when his wife took a university position in the northern part of the state.  Going from having him forty-five minutes away to three hours away has been an adjustment, but he finally has his house surrounded by all the grass he can mow in the midwestern countryside. He’s happy, so we’re happy for him.

Our visits are a little more of a production now since they nearly always require an overnight stay. My sister typically accompanies us which means our dog sitter option is gone and along comes Gus.  Now that Julenna has a bunny, that’s just one more animal to add to the happy caravan. A couple of weeks ago Andy and I loaded up the Element with Julenna, Lucy, Gus, and Hilde and we headed west to celebrate Father’s Day with good old Rex and deliver the air pop popcorn maker I bought for his gift. This was my attmept to get him to switch from microwave popcorn (which I am convinced will ultimately lead to the demise of whomever consumes the chemical laden kernals).

Lucy already loves trips to my dad’s since he has a kiddie pool, a “bark” (her word for any sort of jungle gym/swing set/sliding apparatus) and endless amount of patince for her antics. But recently the neighbor who borders the back yard adopted three adorable and friendly ponies.  This is a gamechanger for little Lu.

I know it isn’t the most popular of opinions, but I’m not the biggest fan of summer.  Warm evenings spent watching the sun tuck behind the trees in a wide open space has the power to change my mind ever so slightly.  Add in a cute little girl and the people I love the most and SOME PONIES and I’m almost converted to a fan.

Ponies1 650

ponies2 650

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