Lucy: Month Seven

Dear Lucy, 

Month seven was a fun month with you. Your Papa and I are having such a good time watching you become more and more responsive to the world around you. You have refused to stop growing. You are getting so big! I can barely keep up with changing your clothes out for bigger sizes.  I feel like every week I am trekking up to the attic to dig through boxes of hand-me-downs to find something that will fit you. Also, I’m not sure how you are doing this, but you just keep getting cuter and sweeter. Every month I think it’s impossible for you to be any more lovely, but you keep proving me wrong.



It turns out teaching another human to eat can be pretty frustrating.  This has been true with you since your very first day among us. Now that we have moved on to solid foods, the journey has begun again.  As you gain dexterity and experience the sweet, sweet freedom independence brings into your life, you have decided you would like to do everything yourself.  I have a feeling this is going to be a reoccurring theme for you, my little “spirited” girl.  You want to hold the spoon but you can’t hold the spoon and thus begins the squealing and flailing and any other theatrics you can muster to communicate that YOU. ARE. NOT. PLEASED. You also would rather not wear a bib. Ever. No, really. TAKE THE BIB AWAY NOW, PLEASE. We finally reached a compromise. You will let me hold the spoon if I don’t make you wear a bib. 

Fine. Done. You will eat naked. 



The first week of this month was Shark Week, which is appropriate because your very first pearly white tooth made its grand entrance on the lower right side of your mouth.  It was slightly traumatic for all of us.  Not to downplay your pain.  I’m sure it was worse for you. But since you have never been one to let me play with your mouth, I had no idea why my otherwise laid back baby was suddenly shrieking for hours on end.  Your dad was out with his friends and half way through Cowboys and Aliens when I called him and begged him to come home to help me figure out what to do with you.  Turns out, there wasn’t much either of us could do but hold you, try to distract you, and kiss your cheeks.  By the next morning the lovely and calm Lucy we have come to know and love had reinhabited your body and all was well with the world.  Since then your second tooth has popped through right next to the first.  For some reason this one didn’t bother you as much as the first.  For this we are very thankful.



I am completely enthralled watching all your first accomplishments. I love to show you how to do something and then watch you try it on your own. You have such an adventurous and independent little spirit, and like many mothers before me, I know it will be difficult to let go and let you become your own little person.  It is so very hard to watch you make mistakes and hurt yourself now, I’m sure it only gets worse from here. But making mistakes is how we learn things and pain plays a very important role in our lives. It helps us grow. But we have something wonderful. We have each other and that makes dealing with pain so much easier. It is one of my deepest wishes that you will always let us be there for you. I know that there will be a time when you resist comfort from us, but I hope not for too long. For now I am thankful that I can hold you and kiss you and comfort you all I want. I love you, sweet girl. With everything I’ve got. 

Love, Mama