Roadtrip to DC

Andy travels to DC for work about four times a year and I try to accompany him on at least one of those trips to spend time in the city and the amazing museums.  Some of my favorites are the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, The Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.  Here you can review 12 ESSENTIAL HIKING ITEMS to be prepared for the best road trip with your loved ones.

This time we tried to time our trip so we could see the cherry blossoms in bloom, but with the unseasonably warm weather of the past few months they bloomed early and we barely caught the tail end.  Most of the blooms were already gone :(.  Oh well, next year, I suppose.

Lucy accompanied us on this trip so I planned an itinerary meant to keep her entertained. We ate a lot of fun food, visited the National Zoo chock full of “PUPPIES!!!” (Lu’s word for animals of all kinds), and spent a lot o time jumping on hotel beds. All while Andy slaved away at his office in Arlington.

I had also planned to visit the National Museum of Natural History, but Lucy was having a rough day on day two so we just took it easy taking walks and visiting a nearby park full of actual puppies and a playground.

We are heading back to Columbus this afternoon and looking forward to sleeping in our own beds away from the exceptionally loud slamming doors of the Ballston Holiday Inn.

*All photos taken with the iPhone 4s and processed with Instagram and Camera+